Saturday, May 11, 2024: SQUALI GRAVEL!

Squali Gravel is not just a bicycle tour through the Valle del Conca,

but a real journey full of excitement and pure relaxation in close contact with the nature of an unexplored territory,

cycling on the white roads of the hinterland of Romagna.

2 routes with evocative names, inspired by 2 species of sharks, in honor of the Acquario di Cattolica, headquarters of the 3-day Granfondo Squali:

The “Verdesca” Tour of 48 km with an elevation gain of 700 m ACCOMPANIED by expert guides from the Conca Valley

The “Il Toro” Tour of 100 km with an elevation gain of 1900 m with GPX track provided by the organizers before the start.

The event is open to all cycling enthusiasts without time trial and it is possible to participate with gravel bike, MTB, e-bike, e-gravel.

When and where can you enter?

Online until May 9

From Friday, May 10 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. registration/race packet pickup at the Shark Arena – Acquario di Cattolica

From Saturday, May 11 from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. registration/race packet pickup at Shark Arena – Acquario di Cattolica

When does the race start?

SINGLE DEPARTURE SATURDAY, MAY 11 at 8:30 a.m. SHARK ARENA (in front of the registration office)

What are the registration fees?

Registration opening: December 1° 2023 – fee: 20 euros

From the First of March: 25 euros
From the First of May: 30 euros

What is included in the registration fee?


official participation in the event

signage on the routes (on the main junctions)

medical assistance

track of the long route in gpx format

maps for short route

race area pack, including a faceplate to be applied on the bike and a wristband for the refreshments

2 refreshment points for the long route, 1 refreshment point for the short route and Maxi final refreshment point at the finish line

Here are the two routes:

Squali Gravel “Verdesca” tour by valle del conca

Km 50
Elevation gain +770 m
75% dirt, white roads; 25% asphalt

Refreshment point: “Al Capannino” at Croce di Montecolombo (km 24)
The long climb from the sea along the Valle del Conca passes through numerous landscapes, olive groves, vineyards, reeds, small woods and fields of sunflowers which appear and disappear continuously, always along the river up to the village of Taverna.

Looking up, you can see the castles of Montefiore and Montecolombo. A couple of easy fords certainly do not disturb this route where even the small churches of Gemmano and Carbognano on the hills indicate the correct path.
Leaving the river, you will continue pedaling through smaller valleys dotted with countless agricultural villages until you reach San Clemente which can be recognized from afar by its castle resting on a hill.

From here the view of the sea will keep you company and you will return to the coast through the picturesque country roads of the villages in the Misano Adriatico area. All in all, a relaxing ride, but full of rugged climbs within the agricultural landscape of this part of Romagna.

Squali Gravel “il Toro” tour by valle del conca

Km 105
Elevation gain +2250 m
53% dirt, dirt roads; 16% secondary roads; 31% asphalt

Refreshment points:
Montegrimano (km 63)
“Al Capannino” at Croce di Montecolombo (km 81).
An extraordinary journey from the sea to the first foothills of the Apennines, from the ancient communication routes of the lower Valle di Conca to the badlands of the southeastern borders of Romagna. The route is the scene of numerous ancient and modern battles, and the start of the itinerary follows the front on the infamous “Gothic Line” of September 1944. Entering the Montefeltro area is the turning point, where the landscapes from the many fortresses and castles that can be admired from the ridge road that connects Montegrimano, Monte Licciano and Sassofeltrio.

The descent to the bottom of the valley is only a short pause before climbing back up the slope towards the sea for the grand finale through the countryside of San Clemente and Misano Adriatico.

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