Chilometraggio: 85 km
Dislivello: 1393 mt
Pendenza massima: 8%


The Middle route: Exciting, accessible, and varied.

The race starts on Corso Italia (Cattolica’s Aquarium). After a straight stretch of about 10 km, turn right at the first junction and take the road that leads to Gradara. After the overpass, on the right you can admire the fortified village of Gradara Castle.

Before reaching a roundabout, you will encounter a short climb. The first climb of the day, albeit only about 3 km long, leads you to Pievevecchia. After a descent of about 3 km, you will reach a roundabout, where you can admire the yellow spot of the Doctor’s VR46 Racing Apparel. You have reached km 19. After a tight right turn at km 20.5, which requires some attention, you will reach Santa Maria del Monte. From here, you will descend, and since it is a short, technical descent, you must pay the utmost attention. Here, on the left, you will find the junction for the middle route. If you have chosen the middle route, after two kilometers, you will reach the most critical climb called Saludecio-Mondaino, which is 9 km long and has a gradient with peaks of 8%. We are at km 40 of the race. The descent that starts here is also technical and leads you to Santa Maria del Monte. Here turn right towards Tavullia, following the route taken at about km 25 of the race. At this point, there is a roundabout and on the right is the 3 km climb to Tavullia with a gradient of about 5%, where the first refreshment point is located.

From here, you will go downhill for about 8 km, which must be faced without letting your guard down to catch your breath before the Panoramica del Parco San Bartolo. At Cattabrighe, you will ride on a short stretch of state road and face the ups and downs of the Panoramica, passing through Fiorenzuola and flanking Casteldimezzo. For the last 15 km, you will find yourself in the San Bartolo Park Nature Reserve, which offers racers a setting of rare beauty from which one can admire the panorama of the Adriatic Sea.

You will reach the finish amidst the scents of the last big refreshment stop on the natural terrace of Gabicce Monte.